Donde alojarse

Unterkunft in Italien

ITALSCHOOLS offers an accommodation  finding service, offering its students a wide selection of single rooms in shared apartments, private rooms with  families and, where available,  in student accommodation.

We provide accommodations chosen out of a selection of apartments in Milan, Venice, Trieste, Florence and  Rome well connected to the different lines of the metro and the public transports and only max. 30 minutes away from the school:

  • Single room with use of bath and kitchen;
  • Double room;
  • Studio apartment.

Upon request of the student ITALSCHOOLS  provides also a list of:

  • Rooms in B&B euro per month;
  • Pensions;
  • Hotels;
  • Residences.


The different types of logding, prices and general conditions may be different in our Italian Tandem schools. Fot that’s reason, pls contact the single school to get more information about our lodging service.