Italian Learning Method

italian learning method

Our Italian Learning Method

Our Italian courses are organized in small groups to learn Italian in a familiar and engaging atmosphere. Lessons are conducted using the communicative method with a humanistic approach and utilizing materials developed by our schools’ staff. 

The student is presented with a situation from daily life through the use of authentic materials. That situation is then analyzed in terms of grammar and of linguistic functions it raises. Italian lessons are also supported by learning activities such as games, role-playing and wild range of audios and videos.

Whatever school you choose, here’s what you’ll find in our ITALSCHOOLS centers:

• Quality Standard: qualified teachers, friendly, fun and enthusiastic about their work;

• Dynamic and effective Italian courses that use a wide range of activities (video, group work, games …) in a relaxed atmosphere;

• Interactive classes, in which even learning grammar can be fun;

• Small Italian groups;

• Italian Courses for all levels;

• Wide choice of Italian cultural programs and activities for leisure;

• Opportunity to have a TANDEM language exchange.