Learn Italian in Florence

Centro Machiavelli – Learn Italian in Florence

Since 1978 the Centro Machiavelli has been a benchmark for studying the Italian language and culture.  Our hallmark is the care and attention we reserve for the participants and their motivations in our aim to satisfy all their expectations. The cheerful, informal atmosphere at the school promotes interpersonal relationships and also stimulates communication.

Florence: history, fascination and beauty

Not many words are needed to describe Florence: the millions of people who come and visit this renaissance city each year are carried away by its overwhelming beauty. The school is located in the historic centre, in Piazza Santo Spirito, one of the most beautiful piazzas in the world and a favourite gathering place of the Florentines. The surrounding district is filled with craftsmen’s workshops, artists’ studios and meeting spots.

Experience: the feather in our cap

The maximum number of 12 people per class favours rapid and collaborative learning. Together with a clear illustration of the rules of the language, we also devote a great deal of space to communication activities and games. Our students come from all over the world which encourages them to use Italian exclusively in their relations and forces the teachers to have a flexible and creative outlook in organising the lessons. Our constant attention to the students’ needs spurs us to continually update and renew our educational methods and materials. As all the scholastic, cultural and recreational activities are in Italian they therefore offer an interesting opportunity to practice the language.

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